Last september at La Hesse center in Vielsam(Be), five artists ( O. Deprez, V. Fortemps, Gipi, D. Goblet, T. Van Hasselt) each worked with a person suffering from mental deficiency. Before releasing the works in a book next year, discover the astounding pages produced during this workshop. Powerful, beautiful, incredibly funny and moving!

Opening November 3rd.
With a special performance by Vincent Fortemps’ Cinémécanique


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JUNE : FRMK Public Exhibition in Charleroi (Be), Paris(Fr), Sierre (Ch)




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The shown elements are presumed to be fictive, proving there authenticity.
We wish to ask you to enforce the following elementary safety measure.
In the presence of weakness, rage, laziness, panic, emergency, action.
We welcome any reactions. Revolution is hard to avoid.
Today, and even further from now, we invite you to the sinking (fire on the
lake, upside down world, near death experience, alice rewound, frémok¹s
stupefied art raft¹s reflection) and the immediate application of the
measures proclaimed in the absence of those missing.
The Frémok has eaten the squid by the roots, the pineapple by the stem, the
cauliflower by the neck. A loud voice that blows the mind and sends shivers
down the spine has opened ink paths. It¹s sinking here and there. No way it
will dry out. Our men are probing the zone. Who¹s leaving the ship? Who? And
which ship? Now boarding. All must go.

From April 15th to may 6th 2007 in Huy (Belgium)
FREMOK, and a far island, and a departure
A nu exhibition in the Centre Culturel in Huy, avenue delchambre, 7 a

From april 27th to 30th 2007 in Stockholm (Sweden)
SPX, Serieteket, Kulturhuset
Creative comics, visual writings and Pirates litteratures

From may 11th to 13th 2007 in Nantes (France) :
LE LIVRE ET L’ART, Le Lieu Unique
An ephemeral island of Pirates litteratures, arts of book and books of art
12/04 at 11.00 PM : EXPERIENCEALICE , A Mad Tea Party
by Alyss, Grizwolf, The Love Poulbot (DJ) and Alain Wagner (VJ)

From june 8th to 10th 2007 in Sierre (Switzerland)
FREMOK, and a far island, and a departure
sea lions and crafts
A nu exhibition in the water of Sierre

From june 21th to 23th 2007 in Paris (France)
Marché de la Poésie, Place St-Sulpice
Black market of Pirates litteratures

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Warning to the town and the world

Caution : this is not an April fool but fish is april food.
We have strong evidence implicating the Frémok’s responsibility in countless
unexplained, historical, graphic and legendary sinking(s). We have reasons
to believe that through the intervention of the pirate literatures, through
the act of darkness, he, she, they has &/or have gone too far in the past
and far away from the future rescue. An emergency search team and a dig have
started in view of updating a universal story in the matter. We must now
think of further remedy. to insure the interzone.
Where are you, who are you, what are you celebrating, is it on show. Lost
for hung, no limit. For the moment, for the pleasure, let yourself fall.
We would appreciate if you could follow these elementary measures:
Register here, you will be kept directly informed of any further development
Stay tuned for regular reports from the KASP on this page, specially the
Fire Agenda
Get the secret out, mum’s the word, inform your relatives even your enemies,
you could be under suspicion of been the only one to know.
Transmit the messages from the KASP or give to the KASP the names of those
you suspect of being or have already been in close or near contact.
Commit yourself, if you feel you have the makings those who contribute to
the full boom of your desires, make yourself known to the KASP through this
application, as soon as we can we will give you more details on the correct
procedure to follow.


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If you’re reading this message, it is because you’ve been, one way or another, in touch with the Fremok, with the armies of Litteratures Pirates or, even worse , ExperienceAlice’s secret data. Strange things (minds and senses discorders ou disorders) have occurred leading us to total blackout.
The related electronic and historic sites have been frozen and put under the control of KASP (Public Salvation Kabinet). You can still visit them but we ask you to return to this page soon to stay posted with the further developments of this dark sided affair.
We thank you for your cooperation.

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